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Cocktail Masterclasses

Wivenhoe House’s cocktail masterclasses can be a fantastic and fun experience to share with your friends, colleagues or family.

It is an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from our experienced mixologists. You’ll learn how to create new cocktails, how to mix different ingredients, and how to present your drinks attractively. Discover new flavours with our masterclasses as they often provide access to a range of ingredients, some of which you may never have tried before. It’s also a chance to learn new skills and give you confidence when it comes to making cocktails. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what goes into making great cocktails and be more confident to try some of your own recipes at your next party.

  • Party size between 6-12 people
  • £45pp
  • Three cocktails each

Wine Dinner with Lionel

Our wine dinners are fantastic experience to share with loved ones or mark a particularly special occasion.   our wine dinners are an opportunity to try new and different wines that you may not have tried before. You’ll have the chance to expand your palate and try different varietals and vintages. Hosted by our very own Lionel Lachasseigne, who can teach you about the wine-making process, the different regions and their unique characteristics, and how to pair wine with food. Our wine dinners are of course paired with delicious food courses that complement the wine being served. You’ll get to enjoy a multi-course meal, each paired with a different wine. Pairing wine with food can enhance the dining experience by creating a harmonious balance of flavour. You’ll gain a new appreciation for how wine can elevate a meal and how food can bring out the best in a wine.

Lionel has been at Wivenhoe House for 10 years, before that he was sommelier in Simpson on the Strand at the Savoy and restaurant manager at Milsoms’ the Talbooth. As a passionate connoisseur of wine, Lionel will provide an entertaining and interactive dining experience at Wivenhoe House.

  • Six beverages
  • Five-course meal to match the wine
  • Wine quiz with a prize for the winner
  • £95
  • For numbers between 14-24 people

Menu de Lionel Private Dining

Our six-course private dining option offers an intimate and exclusive setting with more personalized attention and service. You’ll have a dedicated waiter to cater to your every need, creating a more personalized and comfortable dining experience, whether it’s for a special celebration or a business event.  Our private dining experience provides a unique and memorable experience that you won’t get in a regular restaurant setting. It’s perfect for special occasions and celebrations that require a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Our six-course menu offers something for all tastes and ensures quality and attention to detail in every aspect of the experience, from the food to the service.

  • For numbers between 14-24 people
  • Six-course set menu
  • £55pp

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