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At Wivenhoe House, our team-building days are the perfect excuse to unleash your competitive side, because who doesn’t enjoy a healthy dose of friendly competition once in a while? We work closely with an experienced outdoor adventure company to offer a fantastic range of activities, all designed to bring your team closer through better communication and teamwork.

From axe throwing to cocktail making, there’s something to suit the individual interests of each one of your team members at Wivenhoe House.

Just a short drive from Wivenhoe Station, our 300 acres of historic parkland is the ideal location for you and your team to immerse yourself in the wilderness.

Complete with our award-winning Park Brasserie, managed by our expert chefs and catering professionals, the luxury 40-bedroom accommodation at Wivenhoe House will allow you to relax after a day of adrenaline-boosting activities.

Please note; all of our Team Building packages are based on 12 guests. However, additional guests can be added.

Simply Team Building Package

If you’re looking for a series of fun activities to bring your team closer together and challenge their problem-solving skills, choose our Simply Team Building Package for an afternoon of outdoor adventure.

The full package includes:

  • Outdoor grounds for the team building
  • Two hours of tailored team building activities 

The total cost of the package is £875 based on 12 guests, with additional guests priced at £15 per person

Please note that groups over 12 will require an additional instructor/s from £150

Half-Day Packages

If you’d like to extend the time spent with your team at our beautiful 18th-century hotel, our Half Day and Full Day Meeting and Team Building Packages offer a more extensive range of amenities, including refreshments and delicious homemade pizzas- who doesn’t enjoy tucking into a slice of pizza after a hard day’s work?

Our Half Day Meeting & Team Building Package includes: 

  • Meeting room hire and grounds for team building 
  • Refreshments 
  • A tailored team building activity designed to stimulate and challenge your team
  • Home-baked pizza lunch 
  • Bottled water 

The total cost of the package is £1350 based on 12 guests, with additional guests priced at £40 per person

Please note that groups over 12 will require an additional instructor/s from £150

Full Day Packages

Our ‘Full Day’ Meeting & Team Building Package includes: 

  • Meeting room hire and grounds for team building 
  • Refreshments 
  • Multiple tailored-team building activities to keep you and your team entertained throughout the day
  • Home-baked pizza lunch
  • Bottled water 

The total cost of the package is £1600 based on 12 guests, with additional guests priced at £50 per person

Please note that groups of over 12 will require an extra instructor/s at £300

Residential Team Building Package

Our Residential Team Building Package allows you and your team to properly unwind after a jam-packed day of activities. Dine on a delicious three-course meal in our award-winning Park Brasserie, prepared and cooked by our expert team of in-house chefs, before retreating to one of our lovingly restored Classic Rooms for the night.

The full package includes:

  • Meeting room hire and grounds for team building
  • Refreshments, including bottled water
  • Tailored team building activities specifically catered for you and your team’s areas of interest* 
  • Home-baked pizza lunch 
  • Three-course set dinner menu in our award-winning Park Brasserie, where Private Dining is available at a supplement 
  • Bed and breakfast in a Classic Room, where Room Upgrades are available at a supplement

The total cost of this package is £3,760 based on a booking of 12 guests, with additional guests priced at £230 per person.

*Please note that groups over 12 will require an additional instructor/s from £300


All of the activities included in our Team Building Packages are bespoke to each group. Our trusted team of organisers at Wivenhoe House Hotel plan your chosen package from start to finish in advance in order to make sure that you and your team get the most out of your team-building retreat.

Unsure of the sorts of activities that are right for your team? Explore the selection of outdoor and indoor activities that we currently have available and start planning the ultimate activity day for you and your team.


Bring out your team’s wild side with our immersive bush craft experience. Perfect for those who are eager to brush up on their survival skills, this is a fun and enlightening activity for your colleagues to sink their teeth into!

Start the day by setting up camp, which will see you and your team erect shelters with tarps and learn how to tie the most useful yet straightforward knots.
Other activities include:

  • Fire lighting- we do this the traditional way, so no sneaking in a box of matches! Using materials from around the woodland, you’ll learn how to make fire using the same methods adopted by our ancient ancestors. You never know when fire lighting will come in handy- it’s always better to be prepared!
  • Knife skills and Whittling- learn how to whittle your very own craft pot hangers for a much needed brew, and heat it using your own fire.
  • Campfire cooking- once your fire is roaring and the flames are licking the air, we’ll teach you how to cook a wide range of meals for both lunch and dinner.

Orienteering and Geocaching

Keen to brush up on your map reading and sense of direction? Challenge your team to a series of orienteering and geocaching activities designed to push their geographical skills to the limit. You can even introduce an element of friendly competition in the form of a race, where teams will have to decode secret messages using nothing but maps and compasses! 

  • Orienteering- using a map and compass, work as a team to find tags and be the first team to find the secret message 
  • Geocaching- with a GPS, find the waypoints at each hidden location and solve the puzzle, riddle or challenge on each card.


Think you can fire a perfect bullseye? Embrace your inner Robin Hood and master the art of yesteryear.

Always a popular choice, our activities include a range of fun team games and multiple target practices for you and your team to brush up on your archery skills. 

Raise your arrow, focus on your target, and shoot!


Axe Throwing

Ever wanted to be a Viking or a ninja? Now’s your chance. Book an axe-throwing session and test your strength through a series of team challenges.

Managed by a trained instructor, our axe-throwing activities are far less threatening than they sound. This low-risk activity is sure to get your team’s heart rate racing as they enjoy the exhilarating thrill of embracing their inner Viking. 

Teamwork Challenges and Games

Wivenhoe House offers plenty of teamwork challenges and games to get your brain into gear and test your problem-solving skills. Boost your team morale and work together in some fun-packed activities and games. Here’s a taste of what we offer: 

  • Rope Problem Solving- working as a team is key to solving these tangled brain teasers 
  • Plank and Box Command Tasks- difficult to get your head around at first, these tasks are always satisfying once the penny drops
  • Catapult Building- release your inner child and enjoy this light-hearted building challenge. Who can finish their catapult first? 

in-house team building activites

If a day out in the wilderness isn’t your thing, have a look at our in-house team building activities that take place in the beautiful 18th century interior of Wivenhoe House. All in-house activities are priced individually and catered to your group’s requirements.

Wine Tasting and Wine Tasting Dinners

Think you know your Merlots from your Malbecs? Or your Rieslings from Rioja? Whether you are an experienced wine buff, have an appreciation, or have absolutely no idea where to start, our charming and knowledgeable in-house Sommelier will guide you through the wines of the world.

Explore the wineries of a specific country or region of the world and experience a treat for the senses. As an added treat, enjoy a delicious dinner at our award-winning Park Brasserie prepared and cooked by our expert team of chefs.

Cocktail Making

Jump into the exciting world of cocktail making with a course led by our specialist in-house cocktail maker. From Pina Coladas to Passion Fruit Martinis, we can cater to all of you and your team’s favourite tipples. Enjoy some delicious cocktails in a whole new light knowing that the drink you’re sipping was made just minutes before by your own hands.

Murder Mystery and Themed Dinners

Everybody loves a good whodunnit! Step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes himself and use your wits and clues to decode which guest is responsible for a gory murder. Or, if the dramatics aren’t your thing, enjoy the joys and laughter at one of our themed dinners, including iconic British sitcoms Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers.

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