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2023-07-26 12_28_52-Email – Marketing Wivenhoe House – Outlook

Our sustainability journey Sustainability is of incredible importance in our world today, and its significance continues to grow as we face many environmental, social, and economic challenges. Wivenhoe House is determined to do our bit to be able to run a 4 star hotel without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and we are keen to continue our journey for a more sustainable hotel and world. 

So far in our journey towards a more sustainable hotel we have a “Plastic Patrol” programme run by the staff where we share ideas on how to cut down on plastic and improve recycling around the hotel such as working with suppliers to reduce packaging as well as  introduced alternatives to plastic bottles and straws and given staff and Edge Hotel School students re-usable drinking bottles. In our kitchens we source food and drink locally where possible and have worked with Edge Hotel School students to grow a herb farm that we can use. In the bedrooms, we have introduced shampoo and shower gel dispensers and started using pens made out of cardboard.

Gold Project Award

from the University of Essex

Eco Smart Bronze Venue Award


Founder business member

of Colchester Borough Council’s Plastic Pledge campaign