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We are thrilled to announce, after much anticipation, that the Brasserie restaurant in Colchester at Wivenhoe House Hotel has now been rebranded! Our doors are now open and we can’t wait to welcome you to “Park Brasserie” for an elevated dining experience in the heart of rural Colchester.

The Park Brasserie restaurant’s new Head Chef, Andrew Turnbull, along with his Sous Chefs Chris Duffet and Louise Rowland, are delighted to introduce you to a new menu. Whilst we have rebranded the restaurant, our expert, experienced team has ensured that the Park Brasserie sticks to it’s roots. We’ve always focussed on serving seasonal and uncomplicated yet delicious, high-quality dishes which champion locally sourced ingredients. Our new menu is inspired by your favourite brasserie classics, but with a refreshed unique style and flair that you won’t find elsewhere.

Muscles in a bowl with toasted bread at the Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester.

We’re please to invite guests to explore our new menus, which are inspired by classic brasserie cooking and influenced by the season and local produce supply.  We work closely with trusted local suppliers to ensure our ingredients are responsibly grown and sourced. This not only ensures that we serve up the freshest food possible at the Park Brasserie Restaurant, but we’re also working hard to minimise our environmental impact in terms of transportation, responsible farming and waste limitation.

The Park Brasserie’s menus are extensive to ensure that there is plenty of choice and that all dietaries requirements are catered for. From our Sunday Lunch and A La Carte selection through to our Saturday Brunch and our Little Ones menus, there’s something to suit all taste buds at Park Brasserie.

Profiteroles in a bowl with melted chocolate and raspberries at the Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester.

We also wanted the Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester to celebrate our award-winning parkland that surrounds us, so we felt it was important to bring that in to the new name. The new logo also reflects our ancient cork oak trees which overlook the restaurant and grounds, which represent a key part our history. These trees were planted by the son of the original owner of our estate, Major-General Francis Slater Rebow, who brought two cork oak cuttings tucked inside his boots back from the Peninsular Wars.

We hope that our valued regular customers who have made this possible will enjoy the changes, and we also look forward to welcoming new diners to Park Brasserie. Book a table now to experience your first taste of our new menus, or enquire about our exclusive experiences at Park Brasserie.

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