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Cooking with seasonal produce is a great way to ensure you’re eating fresh food that’s packed with flavour. Not only does it taste better than processed ingredients, but there are also numerous health benefits associated with consuming local fruits and vegetables. 

As well as providing essential vitamins and minerals, these fresh ingredients are typically free from pesticides or other chemicals used in conventional farming methods. Plus, by buying locally grown produce you’re helping to support small farmers who practise sustainable agriculture techniques which benefit the environment. 

Seasonal produce is also more affordable and better for the environment since it doesn’t have to travel far before reaching your plate – meaning fewer costs for transport as well as less energy being consumed during production processes. 

Additionally, when purchasing directly from farmers’ markets or trusted local suppliers, you can often find lower prices than you typically would at wholesalers or grocery stores due to reduced overhead costs. All of this means that you’re enjoying a meal that tastes great, offers unbeatable value for money, and reduces your impact on the environment!

Finally, eating seasonally allows us to experience different flavours throughout the year – something that we at Wivenhoe House love to do.

We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients in every meal we serve at our Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester. Our team of expert chefs take care to craft exciting menus that are packed with flavour, using top-quality produce grown locally in Essex. 

By taking advantage of what nature has provided us with each season, we can explore new ingredients to make sure that you can try something new every time you visit our Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester. We have six menus for you to choose from, including our ‘Little Ones’ Menu, to ensure that the whole family can dine at Wivenhoe House. 

Why not indulge in our set lunches? They’re the perfect midday treat on a warm summer afternoon spent with friends. Feeling fancy? Book in for our 6-course Menu de Lionel and enjoy a taste of life’s finer things for just £55 per person, including accompanying drinks!

With an extensive selection of seasonal dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds, you can be sure that every meal at our restaurant in Colchester will be a unique culinary experience. So if you’re looking for fresh and flavourful food without sacrificing quality or sustainability, book a table at The Park Brasserie restaurant in Colchester today!

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