Dates to say I do

The minute you announce your engagement, you can be guaranteed that the very next question you will be asked is: Have you fixed a date?

Whether you are planning a long engagement or can’t wait for your wedding day, it’s worth dedicating some time to picking the ideal time in the calendar.

You might want to zone in on a season first, though in the UK the guarantee of good weather is never a given!  Imagine your perfect wedding day and if, in your head, the weather plays a part in that picture, focus on that time of year.

But don’t forget you can have some stunning blue skies in November and hazy days in July. So don’t pin all your hopes on glorious sunshine.

Another consideration would be dates with special meaning. If your wonderful grandparents are celebrating sixty years of wedded bliss and their anniversary date is available, you might want to ask them if they would mind if you chose the same date. Chances are they would be thrilled!

If you want to make the most of your money, a midweek or winter date would almost certainly be less expensive. If you are not superstitious you may save some cash by opting for a Friday the 13th, there’s one in April and July this year.

At the other end of the scale if you are looking for an extended party, a Bank Holiday weekend ensures the fun continues as all the guests have Monday to recover!

Your heart might be set on the venue of your dreams.  In that case you may need to be flexible on your dates, unless you are planning a long way ahead. The next wedding showcase at Wivenhoe House is on Sunday 18 February, when you will have a chance to see our beautiful hotel dressed in style for these special celebrations.

2020 is the next year with a series of unusual dates and is now less than two years away. Couples are already beginning to focus on this special  year, which is a Leap Year of course and 29 February is regarded as lucky by some. February that year has some amazing opportunities for memorable dates. February 2 2020 is a palindrome, reading the same backwards and forwards. There is also 20 02 2020 and 22 02 2020 to consider, and that last date is a Saturday. There’s also October 10 2020 to consider and that’s a Saturday too!

The other advantage to an unusual date is that there’s a fair chance your partner won’t forget it!

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